Sok Xing & Hwang Provides Insights into Cambodian Industrial Relations

How is the industrial relations system set up to deal with labor disputes in Cambodia?  What’s supposed to happen (under the framework of law and regulations)?  What actually happens (in real life)?  What can recent high profile industrial conflicts teach us about what happens when employment relationships are disrupted or break down?  And what can be done to improve industrial relations in Cambodia?  These questions and more were addressed at the “Industrial Relations Insights” Breakfast Session organized by Sok Xing & Hwang.  

At the Breakfast Session on 15 February 2016, Mr. Hans S. Hwang, Senior Director of Sok Xing & Hwang, provided an analytical perspective of the structural challenges of industrial relations in Cambodia. Using a mix of theoretical frameworks and concrete case studies, Mr. Hwang led participants in the examination of critical elements of labor dispute prevention and resolution. The session explored challenges and opportunities in collective bargaining, labor inspection, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication. Participants in the session included representatives from international trade associations, development agencies and labor law institution in Cambodia.

Sok Xing & Hwang organizes regular Breakfast Sessions on current legal, business and policy issues for private and public sector clients, industrialists, policy makers and other leaders in Cambodia and abroad.