Helping Myanmar Develop and Sustain Its Labor Law Institutions and LDR Services

Update on legal and technical support to Myanmar: Sok Xing & Hwang has been providing legal and technical advisory services to Myanmar’s national and regional labor law institutions in support of efforts to develop and sustain the burgeoning labor dispute resolution system in this post-conflict ASEAN country.  

Myanmar is in the midst of extraordinary political and economic changes. Integral to the country’s historic political transition toward democracy is the liberalization of its economy and transformation of its legal system. Myanmar has promoted modernization of its foreign investment laws, which in turn has resulted in substantial opportunities for foreign investment, demand for labor and pressure on industrial relations. In response, Myanmar’s labor laws, regulations and institutions are undergoing extensive reforms. The 2012 Settlement of Labor Disputes Law established a multi-tiered labor dispute resolution (LDR) system in Myanmar, including the establishment of network of new LDR bodies at national, regional and workplace levels across the country.   

In this context, Sok Xing & Hwang has coordinated with the ILO in Myanmar and Cambodia’s national Arbitration Council and its Foundation in the provision of support to Myanmar and its nascent labor law institutions toward efforts to develop and sustain the burgeoning LDR system in this post-conflict ASEAN country.

On January 25th, Hans S. Hwang, Sok Xing & Hwang’s Senior Director met with the visiting 18-member delegation representing Myanmar’s General Department of Labor Relations, national Arbitration Council and regional arbitration and conciliation bodies. Mr. Hwang delivered a special presentation to the delegation on institutional and financial sustainability strategies for the state bodies responsible for labor dispute resolution across the country. Drawing on experiences from Cambodia as well as other transition and emerging economy contexts, Mr. Hwang offered practical models for institutional development and continuity of public service provision. Mr. Hwang also conferred with the delegation on the ongoing need to improve labor law governance and promote stable labor relations in order to preserve and extend the extraordinary gains made in the social and economic development of the country.  

Sok Xing & Hwang, with its regional partnering offices including in Yangon, is honored to assist Cambodia’s ASEAN neighbor in its efforts to reform its laws and systems, and strengthen effective labor dispute resolution services and productive labor relations across Myanmar.