SXH Managing Director Attends 2024 General Assembly of National Commercial Arbitration Center

In a testament to the importance of supporting commercial dispute resolution in Cambodia, Mr Sok Lor attended the annual General Assembly of the National Commercial Arbitration Center yesterday, 16 March 2024. The assembly, a gathering of key stakeholders in the field of commercial arbitration, saw arbitrators, legal professionals and industry leaders convene to discuss the achievements, emerging trends and challenges in resolving commercial disputes through commercial arbitration, as well as to decide on the workplan and budget of the National Commercial Arbitration Center.

Mr Sok Lor, renowned for his knowledge and extensive experience in corporate and commercial law, was among the distinguished attendees. While representing the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations, he underscored the pivotal role that the business community and legal practitioners play in shaping the landscape of commercial arbitration.

In his statement at the event, Mr Sok Lor emphasized the significance of commercial arbitration as a means of resolving disputes efficiently and effectively. He highlighted the importance of preserving confidentiality and flexibility, key advantages that arbitration offers over traditional litigation. He further commended the National Commercial Arbitration Center for having been successful in upholding independence, neutrality, professionalism, and trust of the parties as the guiding stars for the long term sustainability of the Center and encouraged it to continue to embrace the hard-to-earn goodwill of the institution. 

In relation to institutional and financial sustainability, Mr Sok Lor encouraged the National Commercial Arbitration Center to take measures to become further engaged with the business community, to raise more awareness of its services among the business community and lawyers, and to provide more training opportunities to them.