Helping Myanmar Develop and Sustain Its Labor Law Institutions and LDR Services

Update on legal and technical support to Myanmar: Sok Xing & Hwang has been providing legal and technical advisory services to Myanmar’s national and regional labor law institutions in support of efforts to develop and sustain the burgeoning labor dispute resolution system in this post-conflict ... Read More


Youth Is Served at Leadership Conference

While increased globalization and regional integration present Cambodia with new opportunities, the country continues to face challenges in fields as diverse as education, public health, urban planning, and technology. Tackling them requires leadership skills and entrepreneurial innovations as well ... Read More


Lessons for Cambodia from Trans-Pacific Partnership

Opinion piece in the Cambodia Daily, by Sok Lor, Managing Director of Sok Xing & Hwang: Whether Cambodia seeks to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the future will depend on a host of factors and require a careful analysis of obligations, benefits and drawbacks. Yet, a review of the ... Read More


Why Cambodia Needs Industrial Relations Strategy to Support IDP

Opinion piece in the Cambodia Daily, by Sok Lor, Managing Director of Sok Xing & Hwang: The Cambodia Industrial Development Policy (IDP) 2015-2025 launched last week represents a commendable vision to embark on a new growth strategy, but achieving it will require a frank acknowledgement of ... Read More


Closing argument: Lor Sok LL.M. ’15, making an impact at home

This article appears in the Harvard Law Today: “Your performance as a member of the Harvard family will be measured not so much by your personal progress but by the extent of your contribution and impact you can make in the progress of the society”, said Lor Sok as he prepares to finish his ... Read More