Collaborating with the Arbitration Council and its Foundation to Examine Employment Grievances and Workplace Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Sok Xing & Hwang wrapped up its collaboration with the Arbitration Council and Arbitration Council Foundation (AC/F) to study labor disputes and employment grievances, along with the workplace mechanisms developed to address them. 

AC/F, Cambodia’s national institution for labor dispute resolution and its supporting Foundation, entrusted Sok Xing & Hwang to design and carry out the research involving enterprises from a variety of industries across Cambodia. The study examined how employers and workers address and attempt to resolve labor disputes internally at the enterprise before proceeding to external conciliation or arbitration. The study also drew on national and international labor laws and standards, as well as best practices domestically and abroad.

Senior Director Hans S. Hwang along with Managing Director Sok Lor led Sok Xing & Hwang’s provision of assistance to AC/F.