Collaborating with the Arbitration Council and its Foundation to Examine Employment Grievances and Workplace Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Sok Xing & Hwang wrapped up its collaboration with the Arbitration Council and Arbitration Council Foundation (AC/F) to study labor disputes and employment grievances, along with the workplace mechanisms developed to address them.  AC/F, Cambodia’s national institution for labor dispute ... Read More


Sok Xing & Hwang Delivers Employers’ Policy Position Paper on Cambodia’s Labor Law

Sok Xing & Hwang’s Managing Director, Sok Lor, and Senior Director, Hans S. Hwang, delivered a presentation to representatives and members of the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) on key issues and recommendations from the Employer’s Policy Position ... Read More


Leading Workshop on Current State and Future Objectives of Garment, Footwear and Travel Goods Sector

Sok Xing & Hwang facilitated a 04 November 2020 workshop organized by ILO-Better Factories Cambodia on the development of a joint plan for sustainable compliance in the Cambodian garment, footwear and travel goods industry. Led by Managing Director Sok Lor, Senior Director Hans S. Hwang, and ... Read More


Planning the Transition of Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia to a Regional Mandate as PCAsia

Sok Xing & Hwang Senior Counsel Larry Strange has been commissioned by the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC), an independent non-partisan capacity development institute, established at the request of Cambodian members of Parliament in 2011, to undertake a capacity strengthening needs ... Read More