Will the Trade Union Law Advance Industrial Policy Goals?

This Op-Ed appears on the Cambodia Daily on 19 April 2016 issue. After years of preparation, consultation and debate, Cambodia’s Trade Union Law is finally expected to be enacted. As the legislation is proceeding to the king for promulgation, it begs a legitimate question as to whether the new ... Read More


Sok Lor荣幸当选柬埔寨雇主和商业协会联盟执行董事会成员

世光同尘律师事务所执行董事Sok Lor荣幸当选柬埔寨雇主和商业协会联盟(CAMFEBA)执行董事会成员。 阅读英文全文:Mr. Sok Lor has joined private sector leaders in Cambodia, including Mr. Van Souieng, Ms. Sandra D’Amico, Mr. Bretton Sciaroni, and several other ... Read More



美国斯坦福大学法学院法治研究项目主任Megan Karsh率五人代表团访问世光同尘律师事务所,探讨增强柬埔寨的法治基础环境等问题。阅读英文全文:
On 22 March 2016, Sok Xing & Hwang received a delegation from Stanford Law School, the United States, ... Read More


Sok Xing & Hwang Provides Insights into Cambodian Industrial Relations

How is the industrial relations system set up to deal with labor disputes in Cambodia?  What’s supposed to happen (under the framework of law and regulations)?  What actually happens (in real life)?  What can recent high profile industrial conflicts teach us about what happens when employment ... Read More



Sok Xing & Hwang(世光同尘律师事务所)荣幸的被邀请向缅甸国家和大区内劳工法律机构提供法律和技术协助,以帮助缅甸进一步开发其新兴的劳动争议解决机制,并实现可持续发展。1月25日,Sok Xing & Hwang 的资深董事 Hans S. ... Read More